[FF] Neither Forever

11:04 AM

"Love? It's impossible. It is just a thing from fairytale only"
Nothing is last forever, that is the reason to our separation

~ "Is there forever for us?" ~
For LuHan
He cannot stay forever with a woman for more than a week. WOMEN can like, touch, kiss, or even sleep with him, but she will never get his heart. Because he doesn't believe there's true love.  No Reason. Period.
But as long as he is still The HEIR of Ok Group, women in Seoul will go after him even just for a week. Because it means, Louis Vuiton, Prada, Chanel, named it, you'll get it from LuHan.
For BoYeong
She does not believe there a guy who is faithful. One-Girl Guy? Are you kidding her? For her 29 years old of life, she has already seen many of married couples divorce because of a reason that Boyeong thought cliche 'Cheating'.
She believe that MEN are born to be 'PLAYER'. One-girl guy, that phrase will never be in her dictionary after all divorce cases that she handled. She doesn't believe in love, don't ask her why.
~:~ Their Story ~:~
! Simple falling in love to the other half? No, not that easy. Will the overshadow truth be revealed?
What is Forever
What is Love?
What are they meant for?

The poster & banner are credit to ChibiMusicStar 's  shop  >>> E n t i c i n g Perfection : Colors and Motions ( BUSY ATM + HIRING )
as tagged on the picture
Thanks for the beautiful poster here ^^

Yes, this is my other story . This time about LuHan.  
Yes I know LuHan is Chinese~ but let's pretend that LuHan is Korean and 31 years old. I believe he will stay look young as now even he is 31 years. kekeke
and one more, ENGLISH is not my first language~ so please don't bash me because of mistake I made. I'm trying my best here. ^^ Just point out where is my mistake, than I'll learn that is wrong and won't make it again. ^^

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