10:26 PM

I think I’m a rock or
I live under the rock.
These days I keep thinking about my conversation with someone who I respect so much.
He said why I don’t have boyfriend?
Is it because you don’t open your heart to anyone?
Or something else?
While he keeps asking about something like that
I keep thinking why the hell he asked.
What makes him so curious about my love life?
Is it just because I’m really not sensitive?
Or because I don’t talk about feeling or heart?
I know doing art is about doing all of your sense to feel.
He said that I’m inexperience about love that’s why I can’t feel my editing.
I just…
Don’t know how to feel.
I just don’t know how to react towards it.
I can feel, right?
But it just I keep it all by my self.
I don’t talk about it to everyone.
Once again I keep wondering is it just me who he keep pestering about this thing or everyone?
If it just me why he take so much interest in me.
I don’t think I even have that much talent in the way he interests.
Maybe he just feels annoy that why I’m still standing in my place while everyone already running toward their goals.
He is the type that want to take care everything.
I don’t know.
Maybe I’m just a rock. Haha.
It feels like I know or I can sense what they up to but i just ignore what they want or sometimes avoid it.
I just don’t know how to react.
I’m not good at reaction.

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2016 Reading Challenge
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