8:13 PM

Yeah. Finally. I’ll be graduated. Kekeke. It’s all already come to the end.
Ujian selesai yuhuuuu. Sidang selesai. Tinggal revisi dikit dan menuju hari wisuda… Kita pasti bisa. It feels like a dream. 

Nowadays many things happen to me.
First my MACbook is missing. Huahhhhh it made me crying river day and night. All my work is there. It just how stupid me. How can I leave it there. Stupid. 

Well it because I have many thing in my mind. My brain is jumbled. I walked without many conciousness.
Seriously it makes me feels lost. I can’t do manything without it. I can’t edit. This is the most importance.point.
My data is missing there. Huhuhu. My novel… My downloaded video. It just half of my soul is going missing with it.
It feels like you’re break up with your lover. Kekeke. Nothing going well. Something is missing everytime you’re doing something. 

But anyways whatever that happened. I’m still grateful. Just pretend it like a donation to whom that need. $150 donation. *dies* it Rp 15.000.000 in our currency. 

But still it’s a grateful that in this lost I still can feel God’s love. My importance data like my novel, or work report miraclely all is in my usb… I didn’t lose my data that much except my master’s sun download video, and all video that I download before. 

But it still can be downloaded again. It’s hard at first to get used to my old laptop again.
Everytime I listen to music I’ll miss my mac itunes. Huahhh. My 500 times listen it’s all lies-BAP record is gone now. I need to listen it 500times again to gain that record. Hahahaha. *crazy me* 

Laptop… Please comeback to me if it still can be. Hahaha. I will really appreciated it.
You know an editor without her macbook, how the editor feels? Hopeless. Cannot doing anything about editing without it since my old one is not mac and it works so slow for everything even just to listen music. Sucks. 

I need to gain another $150 for buying macbook again. Anyone want to donate it to me? kekekeke.
Anyways, Thanks God You remind me to back to You. I know I was far away from You lately.. I was starting to not believe in You. You did this way to make me remember You and back… Even You made me this misserable but You still not just throw me away. 

You still give me my important data that cannot be gain again… I’m glad, You always know what I need.Thank you, God.

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