[Drabble] You and I… If Forever Did Really Exist

6:26 PM

Well, I feel bad after not posting the fanfic I promise to you all. So I decided to post this drabble. It’s EXO’s Luhan drabble.
Uhm actually it’s a little part that I cut out from the ff I promise before since this one didn’t fit the story well.
This is a song based drabble. You can try to guess what song I used. kekeke

                                 You and I… If Forever Did Really Exist
                                         (너와나영원히는 정말있나?)
I’m fine with waiting.
I’m fine with you not wanting to look at me.
Just stay next to me.
            “Look at me while you’re talking.”
            That figure ran through the corridor. No matter how loud he called, that figure would never look back. No matter how hard he begged him to stay, that figure just ran to leave him.
I’m fine with you cursing at me.
I’m fine with you hurting me.
I’ll hold it all.
            “Love? Don’t speak nonsense. It just a fairytale that even doesn’t real.”
            “I hate you. Stay away from me!”
            Luhan never expected that those sentences would hurt so badly once he heard it even for the second times.
            “You and I never have any relationship.”
I’ll hold it in even if you hate me,
even if you keep pushing me away.
Just don’t leave me.
I will bear everything for you.
            “Can’t you make me forget her completely? It’s all over now. I cannot hold it any longer. One more time I’ll die. I want you to make me forget her completely. Not just from my memory but also from my heart. Can you do it?”
                                           ‘Nothing last forever.’

How was the drabble? This is the first time I write drabble. -_-“’

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