Bad Day

2:32 AM

Fiuhhhhh.. Firstly I really want to scream aloud. These days make me going crazy. *sing teen top Crazy: stop stop breaking my heart* kekeke.
I dunno whether it’s already the worst or it’s just starting.

I wonder when my golden dragon will take its turn to up. Why these days only bad things happen?
Tight cash flow. Ugh. I hate it when deadline on way. Too much thing to be handle and to be spent money up.

This week I’m already spent almost 1million only for campus deadline. -_-“ what the hell.
And I’m still needed to make Visa for my coming to Korea. Another money must spend. Ughhh.
But what most hateful and bad from these days is today I think. Bad rumors around me, back talking *I hate it so much*, shocking news about family matter, mom’s nag, ugh it’s awfull to hear that in one go for today .

What makes me most upset is my friend who is coming with me to Korea. Grrrr. I just cannot understand what is she thinking about.
I hate to argue with people about money. She asked us to prepare our trip, but she didn’t do her payment on time, but keep delaying it everytime we asked. Like we will stole her money. -_-”

It’s annoying. Really annoying. If you are that distrust us don’t ask at first. If you cannot afford to pay don’t go at first. You’re annoying other. You make us so in trouble. You just care about your self and didn’t think for our side. Egoistic.

I just cannot help with that kind person. I always try to live like don’t make other person in difficult time by your action because I really don’t like when person do it to me. But what she did is really make us in hard time especially for my best friend who handle everything we need in Korea.

I really hope December is soon coming. Because I hate doing nothing helplessly. I want to find some work. I hate to hear my mom’s nag about me  for being unemployed yet.

But i’m glad that my campus’s matters now are finished. It's just left Visa applyment matter. This one kinda hard.

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