[Drabble] Now is Good

10:06 PM

He walked through series of fabric that being dried under the sun. His hand touched the dried fabric occasionally. He inhaled deeply the air. It felt good now. The fresh air here made him breathe again after the several things happened to burden him to the core. He felt refreshed.

“Jaejoong ssi, are you really leaving today?” a young lady appeared behind him.
Jaejoong turned his body to her.
“Oh Haein ssi, yes there’s thing that I need to handle in Seoul.”
Jaejoong’s answer make her fell into silence. Jaejoong seemed to feel the change.
 “Haein ssi, would you like to accompany me walk on the beach? I felt like want to go to beach before I’m back to Seoul.”

His voice tone was softer than feather for Haein. Haein always like when Jaejoong’s talking. Haein nodded. They were walking to the nearest beach there.
“Do you remember when you were first coming on this place?” Haein asked.

Jaejoong who was silently walking remembered the event back. It was chaos. Under the night of typhoon he was deserted at this island when he was checking on the project location he worked on.
Jaejoong chuckled. “Yes of course I remember it. I was really hectic and troubled.”
“I remember you were panic over the night when you knew you cannot go back to your hotel.” Haein chuckled along.
“I remember you and your family was too calmly offering me tea at the morning.”
“And you were too freaked out at everything.”
“I remember your grandpa said I’m really not enjoying the life by asking coffee and rushed out.”
“Yes it’s our family motto. You need to enjoy your life rather than rushing at everything. Nothing came good when you rushed your thing with force.”

Jaejoong stared at the laughing young lady beside him. Somehow he always felt reassured everything will be okay whenever he looked into her eyes.
“I remember the kiss we shared that night.” Jaejoong whispered softly while looking away.
Haein stopped laughing by the sentences. Suddenly her face was reddened to think back about the event.

“Would you come with me to Seoul?” Jaejoong glanced back at her and took her hand.
“What do you mean, Jaejoong ssi?” Haein stared confusedly.
“I feel I don’t want to let you go. I feel inside here…” Jaejoong took her hand to his chest, his heart. “Always calm no matter hard thing happened; you can always make me sure. I feel home with you.”
Jaejoong’s gaze was softened. Haein stood speechless in her ground. She thought when Jaejoong said he would leave soon; she would never see him anymore since the distant between them were too far.

“Would you marry me, Seo Haein ssi? Be with me forever?”

He didn’t need much time to take him know Haein. These two weeks together time already made everything felt complete. Everything was re-assured. Now is good, with her. No matter what event will happen.

Well this drabble I create for celebrating Jaejoong’s Comeback ^^ Oppa, welcome back as singer. I love the album especially this song, Now is Good.
Since I haven’t search for the song meaning, I just created this right after I heard the song. I just wrote whatever thing came to my mind.
I don’t even know what I wrote. kekeke Just bear with me. ^^
If you haven’t hear the song I suggest you to hear it and also buy the album. *support JYJ. kekeke*

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