[Drabble] Take Care 잘지내요

6:41 PM

He stared blankly at the person who’s standing in front him. Outside this place heavy snow rain was falling. He just wanted to avoid the rain, that’s why he entered the cafe, to search for warm. But what he got was different from he thought.

This year winter felt much colder.  

“Chanhee ya, I really mean it. I’m tired being your girlfriend. Let’s break up. Which one you don’t understand?” The girl said to the blonde haired guy in front her.

“Chanhee ya, ottokke jaljinaeyo (How are you these days)?” The person greeted him first while he was still busy with his thought. The person sat in front of him.

How can you ask that question to me? Chunji couldn’t found his voice to answer.

“Are you okay, Chanhee ya?” the person asked again.

Chunji shot his eyes toward the person. Is she asking am I okayI was okay until I met you again.
“Fine…I’m fine.” Chunji hardly answered the second question with hoarse voice. The person smiled.
“These days I saw you appeared on TV show often.”
“Of course, Teen Top is busy group.” Chunji tried to being harsh at her but he couldn't do it. He continued with softer voice. “We are just comeback.”

Like a fool he kept being nice to her no matter what she did to him. Why did he do that?  
Chunji moved on his seat in front her uncomfortable. He glanced at outside while the person kept asking him question. It’s still falling so hard outside. He couldn’t get away from this situation.

“Has you got new girlfriend now?” The question made Chunji turned his head.
“Why did you ask?” Chunji shot his stares sharply. The girl chuckles awkwardly.
“I’m not allowed to ask, right. I’m sorry. I’m just curious how are you doing after we break up.” The girl stirred edge of her scarf. The next sentences she said was too low, Chunji almost couldn’t hear it.
“I feel like hell after break up with you.”

Chunji stunned when he heard the sentences.  He didn’t know what to answer but at the same time he didn’t want his feeling visible to her again. He had enough with her playing with his heart.
Like a life saver his phone was ringing at the right moment.

Ye Hyung… I’m stuck outside. I’m at usual cafe near our practice room. Okay I’ll wait.” Chunji couldn’t feel more grateful at his manager who was calling.
After the phone Chunji shifted his gaze at his ex-girlfriend. “I need to go now.”
He stood from his seat while opened his wallet to let out some money to pay the bill.

“Okay, take care, Chanhee ya.” The girl smiled weakly at the cold Chanhee she never knew before.
Chunji couldn’t bring himself to smile back, he was afraid his cover blown up after he smiled back. He couldn’t be back to her. He nodded and walked to the outside. He was prefer to stand outside the cafe in cold weather rather than facing her.

Soon after he was out of cafe, Chunji found wall to lean on.  
Sujin ajaljinae?” He couldn’t bring himself to say those things to her.
Chunji closed his eyes with both hands. He tried hard not to cry.
“Chanhee!” he felt someone was calling him, Chunji shot his head up. A car was appeared in front him. It was his manager with their van.
Chunji quickly ran entered the car.

“Why did you stand outside heavy snow like that? You can catch cold!” The manager quickly scolded him for standing in cold.
“It’s not that long, Hyung. I just came out from the cafe.” Chunji still stared at the cafe building hoping to see the girl’s figure.

He knew it. He was missing her like hell before. But he couldn’t said it directly to her. They were break up already. Nothing good came out from he said for both of them.

“Even for today, I’m still praying that you will meet worse person than me, Sujin aI’m really that not cool, right?”

Chunji leaned his back at the car seat and sighed.  

What should I do? It feels like I’m still in love with you.

Yeah~ second drabble. kekeke. can you guess what song is this? I just write this fic kekeke. I’m addicted to this song lately. I don’t know why. Maybe because I just found out his voice is better than I thought in this song kekeke. 
By the way, my Teen Top bias is not Chunji, it’s L.Joe and Niel. I just feel this drabble suit him more.

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