[FF] [Un]Broken Promise - Chapter 1

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Well, for starter I would like to say this chapter is a little bit rated, but nothing explicit so I wonder if I really need to mark it as R chapter or not? Must I mark it as R? This chapter is pretty important to the plot, I thought.

Thing That She Doesn't Need To Know

Cast: Kim Myungsoo, Park Saehyun(OC)
Wondo - an island outside the big city Seoul, inside one of its dark and quite alley a big shadow was slowly coming near. That is shadow of a young man. He was in half past twenty. He had a lean tall body and brown hair. His dark orb eyes made him stood out even in the dark place. They gave horrific feeling when they stared at you.
But tonight, those both gave different feeling. The owner expression wasn't good either. He looked so tired. His head hanged low, his footsteps were slow.

The young man walked passing a homeless man that sat on the ground with old radio in hands.

We got breaking news. It was just happen a murder case, the victim is policeman. It felt like past letter L case. Seen on CCTV, The suspect killed with two guns in hands. The suspect – guy, has a similar featured as the runaway fugitive, Kim Myungsoo aka L...

Vaguely was heard that news, the young man stood still on his place. The young man shifted his glance at the older man there. The man looked shock hearing the description seemed match with the young man in front him; same name, same description of clothes and figures.

The young man sighed. Slowly, His left hand that handed a short gun was lifted. The older man’s pupil became bigger to see that thing point at him.

Soon, a loud sound was heard. The homeless guy lied on the ground lifeless. The radio fell.
A tear was formed on the edge eyes from the young man. He bit his lower lips tried hard not to cry. He tried to hide the corpse well.

After he made sure everything alright, he advanced fast toward his home. He couldn't be busted here.
Yes, it was him, L aka Kim Myungsoo – the two weapon, most wanted fugitive because what he has done 5 years ago. It was wildfire before at Seoul.

Drug dealer, serial killer, and many other criminal cases he did. What most popular from those kind news is his capability using two weapon. Just with two weapons in his hand, he could take down all of his attackers.

TOK TOK TOK. He stood outside a little house in secluded area of the island. The young man tried to hide his weapon behind his clothed.

“I’m coming,” a girl voice was heard from inside. It took a while for a tiny girl appeared behind the door. “Kim Myungsoo what time it is...ommo.
Myungsoo hugged the girl as soon as the girl appeared in front his view.
“I’m tired, Saehyun a.”
“What’s happened?” The girl sound worried. She tried to make the guy in front her to feel comfort by pat his back gentle.
Myungsoo stiffened by the question. He couldn't tell Saehyun about what just happened, he thought. He released his hug and shook his head. His lips made a tiny smile.
“What are…,”

Saehyun felt estranged by the smile but her question swallowed back by Myungsoo’s lips attack.
Myungsoo locked lips to her with a passionate kiss. He hugged Saehyun tightly while leading the girl inside the house. He tried to hide his weapon on the usual hiding place after he closed the door. The girl didn't aware of it because her attention diverted by Myungsoo’s other hand.

“You’re late home, Myungsoo ya!”
Suddenly Saehyun pushed him away. She folded her arms in front her chest.
Myungsoo lifted one of his eyebrows and smirked.

Saehyun shook her point finger in front Myungsoo’s eyes. “You cannot have me on the bed, tonight. This is your punishment for late.” She turned her body dramatically and walked to kitchen.

Myungsoo chuckled. It’s only Saehyun who can make this kind excuse, whether innocent or unpredictable answer. Just Saehyun, His only childhood friend and lover.

Saehyun and Myungsoo were never separated. Both was left in front of same orphanage, always spent times together since then, depend on other side even after they left that orphanage.

Saehyun turned on stove.

“What do you want to eat tonight? It looks like we just have one left ramyun on the cupboard.”
Saehyun’s word made a pang on Myungsoo’s heart.
“If you want it, I’ll cook it for you,”

Saehyun continued with those innocent eyes looks at Myungsoo. Just like usual, Saehyun always look less care about their situation lack of food or money sometimes. This kind situation is not strange anymore for them, not happened just one or two times only.

Myungsoo stood still. Suddenly a flood of regret washed him out for making the girl’s life became like this. It was his entire fault for involving with mafia’s activities.

Saehyun looked at Myungsoo skeptically. She folded her arms again.

“Kim Myungsoo, you are not involving with underground again, right?”

It was another hit on Myungsoo’s heart. Saehyun always hate the time he involved to those black organizations. Myungsoo sighed hard and smiled.
It was better that Saehyun didn’t know what happened this night. Everything will be better. They already past 5 years safely, what kind event will happen worst than that? Nothing…

“I didn't do it,” Myungsoo approached Saehyun in the kitchen and back hugged her.
“Then, why you are not answering me?” Saehyun tilted her head a bit to see Myungsoo’s expression.
“That’s because I was thinking what would be better to have for tonight dinner. Is it ramyun or…” Myungsoo released Saehyun and suddenly lifted her to the kitchen bar. “You.”
Saehyun whines, “I said it already. You cannot have me tonight on the bed, that’s your punishment.” Once again Myungsoo stopped her with kiss on lips.
“That’s why I’ll have it here,” Myungsoo smirked.
“Ya, No!”

Saehyun hit Myungsoo chest and tried to free herself from Myungsoo.
“But I want you,” Myungsoo pouted as he moved away. Saehyun gave him a look and shook her point finger again. She poked Myungsoo’s high nose and kiss him lightly.
“Be good kid tonight, okay?” She walked outside the kitchen. “If you don’t want dinner, I’ll go sleeping then.”
“But what should we do? This house just has one bed only. Are you telling me to sleep on the floor?” Myungsoo followed Saehyun to the bed. ”Or it’s you who want to sleep on the floor?” Myungsoo back hugged and whispered on her ears.

Quickly Saehyun turned her body faced Myungsoo with redden face. She knew the warning didn’t work since Myungsoo’s naughty hand already traveled down her body.
It’s always Myungsoo who she could never win over for this kind argument. It’s always her who got her face warmed up by his bold comment and action. This was just one of their ways to forget their bitter life.

“Come on, I know you need it too.”
Myungsoo sexily whispered at her ear again while butterfly kissed her white smooth neck. His hands moved carefully just like touching precious fragile porcelain doll but at the same time it also seductive and alluring.

“Whatever, you just do what you want.”
Saehyun pouted but she gave in to the touch. Her body was starting to react. Their body heat was too hot for their clothes to be still on.

They started having sex with each other at 15 years old as little escapade from their depressing life. Since then, they always did it as regular like the other couple even when never once either one of them bond to the other part. No one of them said ‘I Love You’ word to the other. Their relationship just went like this since forever.

“I just want you as dinner instead of ramyun. I’m answering your question.” Myungsoo’s feeling became better when he heard his lover’s breathing started to become hitched by his touches. He led them to approach the bed.

“Fine then if you insisted it. I’ll serve you the dinner.”

Saehyun turned the table around them. She smirked and pushed Myungsoo to lay on the bed in sudden, seductively crawled on the top of him. Myungsoo chuckled as he saw Saehyun’s seductive act tries.

“Hey, Saehyun a. How about we move place?”
Myungsoo asked in low voice while they are enjoying night TV show. Myungsoo draped his left arm on Saehyun’s shoulder. Saehyun’s eyes were focusing on the show, laughed at several funny moments.

“Hmh? What did you ask?” Saehyun sensed Myungsoo sudden mood dropped.
“Nothing,” Myungsoo tightened his grab on the shoulder.
“You’re acting weird these days.” Saehyun spared her shoulder from Myungsoo’s grab.
“I did nothing. You’re just imagining thing.” Myungsoo moved from the couch and walked to kitchen. “Do you want to drink something?”
“Cold water, please.” Saehyun ordered. “I’m not, Myungsoo ya. Do you think we know each other just a day or a week? We knew each other 20 years already. Do I need to imagine what you think again?”

Myungsoo kept his silence and brought back cold water for Saehyun and him.
“Just tell me, what happened?” Saehyun grabbed the glass from Myungsoo.
“I’m just asking can we move place, but you are acting like we got bigger problem.” Myungsoo tried to sound at ease. Just like nothing bad happened
“Move place, why? Did cops know our place already?” Saehyun’s eyes widened.
Myungsoo’s heart wrenched more but he tried to hide his expression.

“No, I just proposed the idea to you. I think we need new environment. I’m getting bored here.”
“Well, if that’s the case. Are you really bored here? Didn’t you just say you really love this place last week? Quiet and faraway from city crowd.”

“Yes, I like this place. But isn’t it better to move off before police sniffed us?”
“I forgot we need to keep moving before the police got us. Fine, when will we move?”
“Really?” Myungsoo’s eyes brighten. Saehyun nodded. “Sooner is better. I’ll arrange everything first.”
“I need to give a prior notice to restaurant owner.”

Myungsoo back to silence. He forgot how Saehyun already got along well with this island people. A little bit inside, Myungsoo felt pity for Saehyun to leave her acquaintance every time they moved. He never made new friend at any place they lived because he knew it better for them. Not to leave any feeling behind, but it’s different for Saehyun. She could not live without make friend.

“Myungsoo ya, what are thinking?” Saehyun’s shook her left hand in front of Myungsoo’s face. Myungsoo back from his trance and smile to hide.
“Fine, I’ll make sure you know it soon so you can tell your boss.”
He tried hard not to show any emotion on his face.  But since this girl in front knew him too well, Myungsoo couldn't  depend on this too long.
He needed to take care of something first.

*Hides* I'm sorry for taking a very long time to update. I have deadline on my way haha. Tomorrow is my deadline but I sneak up to make an update. kekeke. Well this is your first chapter of [Un]Broken Promise. Hope you'll like it and don't forget to leave comment.
Ah by the way, English is not my first language so I'm sorry if I made mistakes. If you're confused with my sentences, please ask. I'll try to explain.

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