[FF] [Un]Broken Promise - Chapter 2

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Thing That I Regret

Myungsoo just wanted to live normal life. He just wanted to be with Saehyun back to their peaceful days like in the orphanage.
Saehyun a, let’s leave this orphanage! I’ll give you better house and family with meI’ll protect you this time.
Myungsoo should know it before, that time he was not supposed to promise those things to Saehyun at 15 years old. That’s when he started to involve in underground activities.

The innocent Saehyun just believed his words, every each word. When he told her, he would quit school and work for supporting both them better life she believed it, but truth he was starting as lowest rank member of gang. When he came back home with injuries all over his body, he told her he just has fought with customer while working while truth was just back from fight with other gang member over territories and many other things more.
Saehyun just believed whatever his explanation and continued her studies. But it was just until she found out everything. Saehyun hated him for everything he did. She threw away everything of her belonging that Myungsoo showered to her before. She moved out.

That was the biggest nightmare of Myungsoo’s live. Never once in his lifetime, Myungsoo imagined to live at this world alone without Saehyun.

With his pledge to Saehyun that he would quit this business, Saehyun was back. But he was already become the most wanted criminal in Seoul. Everything already messed up, he couldn’t fix it up. He just wanted to be with Saehyun.
But it was already late. He couldn’t quit when he was already at the high rank. Every time he wanted to leave his boss, Sunggyu held him tight. If he wanted to be with Saehyun he needed to follow the ladder order. Whatever, whenever he ordered, Myungsoo must do it, or it left only death option.

These days, Myungsoo felt uneasy. It felt something big would come in every second. It felt like he would separate from Saehyun’s in every chance of his moves. He needed to prepare himself for the worst in case. He didn’t want left thing to be regret anymore.

Myungsoo watched Saehyun laughed with her coworkers inside the restaurant from a far. He almost forgot how beautiful Saehyun’s laugh, these 5 years Saehyun didn’t laugh that much. She always worried over Myungsoo. Every time Myungsoo went out; she would feel like Myungsoo would not back.

After he saw her face for the last times before he went, Myungsoo walked to a black car and entered it.
“Did you already decide it, L?” Someone inside was the only one person he know who called him with that name else than police, Kim Sunggyu-his boss.
“Yes, this will be the last, right?”

“I hope you really kept your promise this time, hyung.” Myungsoo snickered. He was the only one who called his boss this informal. As said before, he was the right hand.
“I always keep my promise.” The boss kept straight faces toward Myungsoo, tried to make him believe his word.
“Like never.” Myungsoo added as reply.

“Just see and you’ll know, am I keeping my promise or not. So this is no back out, you know?”
“It’s what I’m always being taught before. I know it the best.” The answer that Myungsoo gave made Sunggyu chuckles.
He ordered the driver to start car engine while talking to Myungsoo. “It’s really my lost to have you left, L. You’re my dad best disciple.”

Myungsoo always hated to hear that sentences. He regretted every second of those time. If only time could turn back.
 “Stop talking rubbish, hyung. Just tell what should I do this time?”
Myungsoo decided to cut it out before those reminisces became far. 

Well, hehehe *hide behind Myungsoo* I'm sorry I took a long time to update. Actually I finished the story already. I just had too much things to be handled. My graduation is nearing I need to finish all administration and I need to submit another request for entering film festival in my country. So busy days nowadays. I'm really sorry, but I'll try to update every time I have time. 
And how about this chapter? What do you think? Please share it. ^^ 
I tell you, maybe you'll hate Sunggyu and Woohyun here, Especially Sunggyu. kekeke

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