[FF] [Un]Broken Promise - Chapter 3

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Thing That They Hide

“Ya, Saehyun a, I heard a weird rumor around here about your husband, Myungsoo. I don’t know if it’s true.” Dahae nudged Saehyun’s arm.

Saehyun cringed at the word her friend used to call Myungsoo. Yes it was what they told to other even the truth was Myungsoo even have not purposed her at all, so they were not married yet.
“What kind rumor?” Saehyun looked cautions.
“It’s said that the suspect that appear all over the news lately, the one who killed police is L and he looked like your Myungsoo. Even the suspect real name is same.”

Saehyun could feel her heartbeat started beating faster, by that letter name was mentioned.
“You must be kidding. Our Myungsoo could not even hurt an ant. How can he kill person?” Saehyun tried to divide her attention to the table she cleaned.
“That’s what I said to everyone. How can your husband kill police when even he is not coming out from your house? I keep wonder what your husband doing. Is he unemployed?”
“No, he is working on ship. It's just every time you come, he is home. Sometimes he would go out for a while to work at sea.” Saehyun just told what Myungsoo always told him about his work.
“Really? On whose ship? Jang Ajooshi? Kim Ajooshi?” Dahae got more curious.
“I don’t ask. I don’t think it’s this island person’s ship. I’ll throw garbage first.” Saehyun tried to flee before her friend asked another thing.

Quickly Saehyun walked out of the restaurant with bunch of garbage. After throw all thing away, Saehyun preyed out her phone to check on what Myungsoo doing.

No one answer the phone. Saehyun got more anxious. She tried to send Myungsoo messages, but not even one was replied. She decided to wait until her work time finished before go home, but no one home. Myungsoo couldn’t be found at any places.

Not until she found a note message from Myungsoo on the fridge door.

Out for a while! I’m preparing our new house ^^. I will be back after a week. I’m gonna miss you so much, give me your strength and prayer for these thing finished soon, so I can be back to you, Myungsoo.

It relieved Saehyun, but at the same time also built another worries. Where were Myungsoo going?

Myungsoo walked into the room. His feet were dragged. His eyes shot sharp to the person inside the room.
“This is the last for what you ask, Hyung. Can I leave now?” Myungsoo threw a black case on the table.

Sunggyu gave a code to his assistant who stood beside him not to bother about what Myungsoo did. He took the case and opened it.
“Fine, it’s good now.” Sunggyu’s lips formed a tiny smile. He intertwined his palms and looked into Myungsoo’s eyes. “You are free now.”
A relieved feeling washed Myungsoo’s heart when he heard that. He thought he would never hear that sentences until his death time.
Myungsoo bowed his head to Sunggyu. “Thank you for your family’s care these times, hyung.”
“It’s on us. You did well too,” Sunggyu answered.
Myungsoo didn’t want to say anything to the person there, so he quitted the room. 
Sunggyu whispered as soon as Myungsoo left.
“Now, Woohyun.” 


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