[FF] [Un]Broken Promise - Chapter 4

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Things That He Want To Let Go

Myungsoo walked fast past his now ex coworkers. Each of them didn’t know Myungsoo left the organization already. They still gave a bow to him since Myungsoo is their leader.
Myungsoo didn’t care about it. He held into his wounded stomach and went.

“Ugh...” The wound he got from the final assignment started to have impact on him. Myungsoo kneeled on the floor while held into nearest wall.
Hyungnim, are you okay?” One of the passing organization members checked on him.

“I’m okay. Leave me alone.” Myungsoo tried to stand. The guy kept asking him to help, but Myungsoo refused them.
“You need to treat your wound, Myungsoo ya.” Someone called him from behind. Myungsoo turned his head and found Woohyun stood behind.
“I’m okay.” Myungsoo walked away, but Woohyun grabbed his shoulder. Myungsoo winced once the hand touched him.

“See, wound everywhere. You don’t want Saehyun see it, right? Stay here to treat that for a while.”
Woohyun forced Myungsoo to follow him.
“Why do you insist to leave here, Myungsoo? You know what the consequent is.” Woohyun brought Myungsoo to the infirmary and treat his wound.

“You knew it. I want my normal life back. I’m tired being like this.” Myungsoo winced tried to hold the pain when Woohyun pushed cold pack into his wound.
“You never have normal life, don’t you? You’re literally grown up here.” Woohyun is one of the organization member who knew Myungsoo since he was a teen else than Sunggyu who is son of the boss. Different with Myungsoo, Woohyun was raised here since he was born.

“I promised to give her better life and family before. But I only gave her pain.”
Myungsoo looked faraway outside from the window in the room. He remembered the laugh Saehyun has before and how Saehyun played with other friend.

“You did this for her too, right?”
Myungsoo just let out bitter smile.


Well, today I post the poster for this fic. kekeke. The beautiful poster are made by the person as tag in the poster. ^^ It's on AFF.

How do you think? Is the poster good?

Well I especially love this chapter even this is short. ^^ I love Woohyun's character here. He gives mysterious feel. Deep and unpredictable. You can't understand what he thought if you don't know him. That's how I create the character. It still didn't show here. But later you'll know it. ^^

By the way, my friends always laughed when I told them Sunggyu is the boss and he is bad person here. Kekekeke I don't know Did Sunggyu really not fit for this character? I thought he fit so much here. kekeke

Maybe uri gyu grandpa is too angel for their eyes or too fragile to be bad person? kekeke *sorry gyu grandpa... you're not old yet... I promise.*

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