[FF] [Un]Broken Promise Synopsis

9:34 PM

"I promised to give her better life and family before. But I only gave her pain." 

If only he knew it before. He would never said those promise to her.
Even he is not decent to say those words to her. What kind person he is. He is the most want criminal.

"Saehyun a, let's leave this orphanage! I'll give you better house and family with me. I'll protect you this time."
"You lied, Kim Myungsoo. You said you'll never leave me. I hate you."

This [un] broken promise cannot be taken back.
"Please forget me, Saehyun a. Erase all of our memories together from your mind."
Well, another fic. This one is Myungsoo fanfiction. kekeke. An old one. I remake it. Hope you'll like it. And don't forget leave comment.

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