[FF] [Un]Broken Promise - Chapter 5

3:47 PM

Thing That They Ever Wished

Ommo, Myungsoo you’re back!” Saehyun saw a glimpse of Myungsoo so she ran out from restaurant she worked.
Quickly Saehyun hugged Myungsoo hard. Myungsoo winced because Saehyun hugged his wound, but he couldn’t let Saehyun knew it.

“Saehyun a, you overreact. Why won’t I back if there are you here?”
“I don’t overreact. I’m just worried. Suddenly you’re gone, how come I’m not worried.” Saehyun released her hug.
It made Myungsoo could breath normally again didn’t need to hold his pain.

“Where are you… ommo, you changed your hair color!” Saehyun just realized the changed in Myungsoo. He looked so different today.
“Yeah, I changed it.” Myungsoo touched his black hair.

“It’s better like this and what are you doing with this expensive suit? Where did you get this?” Saehyun checked at Myungsoo’s appearance.
“Somewhere. Saehyun a, takes a day off from your work. I want you to follow me.” Myungsoo checked at his watch.

“Just follow me,” Myungsoo lost his patient from Saehyun nonstop question. He dragged Saehyun by hand to the car he brought.
“Ya… I cannot just leave like this.” Saehyun tried to pry off her hand from Myungsoo. “At least let me ask my boss first. He would fire me if I leave like this.”
“Fine, I’ll wait. 5 minutes.”
“Okay.” Saehyun quickly ran to the restaurant back. It didn’t take a long time for her.

“Done. Where will you go with this kind suit?” Saehyun walked back to Myungsoo who stand beside his car. “Ommo, where did you get this car from?”
Saehyun stared at newest edition of Lamborghini in front if her with widen eyes. The car is too flashing for this little island, every person who passed by looking at it with curious stare.

Myungsoo got impatient. “Whatever you want to ask, I’ll answer you later. For now, just follow me.” Myungsoo dragged Saehyun’s hand to the car.
“Please be my lady, today.” Myungsoo made gentle gesture to allow Saehyun entered the car.

Saehyun entered the car with skeptical stare. Many things pass on her mind. Myungsoo walked to his side quick to enter the car.
“Kim Myungsoo, where did you get money for these things? You’re not involving into drug dealing again, are you?” Saehyun folded her arms and stared piercingly at Myungsoo.
“That’s hurting my feeling, my lady.” Myungsoo smiled and turned on the car to go.
“Then, tell me. Where and how did you get these things?!”

Myungsoo pressed his point finger at Saehyun's lips softly to ask her stop asking question. Myungsoo winked one of his eyes and smiled. At other times, those smiles and wink would make girls faint but not for Saehyun this time.
“Ya! Kim Myungsoo! If you are not telling, I’ll jump out from this car!”
Saehyun reached for the door knob. Myungsoo quickly held on her hands to stop her.

“Later, okay? I’ll tell you everything you want to know, but not now. I’m begging you to follow whatever I tell you to go. All right?” Myungsoo tried to focus between driving and holding Saehyun’s hands.
“Fine, one more thing to make sure. This is not from dirty money, right?”
“I swear it’s not, My Lady.” Myungsoo smiled a poker face.

Saehyun kept staring at Myungsoo intensely but slowly she loosened up and gave Myungsoo her trust back.
“But, this car is really something. Woah, cool!” Saehyun checked at the car inside. Myungsoo smiled proudly at Saehyun’s enthusiasm.
“Today you’ll get more something thing, my lady.”

“What is it?” Saehyun turned her head and asked.
“You’ll know it when you’re getting there, My Lady.”
“Myungsoo ya, today you hide too many secret from me. I’m becoming afraid of these things.” Saehyun tried to joke.

Myungsoo chuckled.
“You don’t need to be afraid, My Lady. You’ll find these things are fun. No worries are need.”
“Can you stop calling me ‘my lady’? That’s weird.” Saehyun hit Myungsoo’s arm.

Both of them let out laugh at the same time. Myungsoo drove carefully but also fast. Saehyun didn’t care how fast they went. She opened the sunroof and shouted her awe. Myungsoo smiled.
After several hours later, morning became afternoon. Their destination slowly became clear to Saehyun.

“Are we getting back to Seoul, Myungsoo?” Saehyun looked around her that really familiar. Myungsoo nodded his head.
Myungsoo didn’t do it. “I told you, Kim Myungsoo! Stop the car now! I don’t want you be arrested. Please, Myungsoo ya. I don’t want you to be jailed.” Saehyun almost cried. She held Myungsoo’s arm tight.

Myungsoo patted Saehyun’s hand softly. “Didn’t I tell you already? No worries are needed.”

Myungsoo stroked Saehyun’s hair gently and smiled calmly. Saehyun didn’t understand why Myungsoo smiled like that in this kind situation. He was the most wanted criminal in Seoul. Once he stepped his feet at there, death is the awaiting punishment for him. Saehyun didn’t want that happened to him.
A tear fell down from Saehyun’s eyes. Myungsoo turned hear and found it.

“Why are you crying? Do you not believe me for this?” Myungsoo wiped those tears.
Saehyun stunned for a while but soon she shook her head. She wiped the tears away from her face.
“No, I believe you.” Saehyun smiled. Yes, he is Myungsoo after all. Myungsoo would not do anything that Saehyun didn’t like.
“Then, enjoy this journey. Don’t be worry of many things, okay?”
Saehyun nodded.

No more talk happened after that. Myungsoo turned on the radio and music softly came out from that thing. It sounded warm. Saehyun looked at the side road outside the window while listening to the music.
Saehyun didn’t know why, she felt uneasy about this thing. But Myungsoo asked her to believe, she didn’t have other choice else than believing him.

After 5 hours.
“Get down from car. We are arrived at our first stop, my lady.”
Myungsoo stopped the car near Gangnam District. Expensive boutiques were all over the road.

Saehyun got down from car with big question inside her head. What Myungsoo want to do on this street. Myungsoo assisted her into one of the boutique after he parked the car.
“We enter this one, My Lady.” Myungsoo held on Saehyun’s hand. The shop keepers were standing all over in front the door welcoming them.

“Welcome to the Queen Boutique, Park Saehyun-nim.” One of the shop keepers greeted Saehyun by bowing her body. She looked like a manager.
Saehyun looked at Myungsoo. “How could...” Saehyun stared at Myungsoo and the manager continuously. Myungsoo smiled and patted her back to follow the manager.

Bunch of dress were handed into Saehyun’s arm to be tried. Some of the dresses were pretty, but Saehyun was sure enough that those were expensive. Saehyun was trembling when she tried the clothes on her body. She was afraid that she could ripped the clothes.

“How about this, Young Master Myungsoo?” The manager assisted Saehyun to out from changing room.
Saehyun was wearing black tube dress with cardigan covering her shoulder. Myungsoo turned his boy and looked in awe at Saehyun for a while.
“Is it weird?” Saehyun asked carefully because she saw Myungsoo looked really in shock.
Myungsoo shook his head. “No, this is pretty. You look pretty, Park Saehyun.”

Saehyun could feel her face reddened after received that compliment. It never happened before. Myungsoo never compliment her.  Saehyun smiled shyly.
“Do you like it?”
Saehyun nodded unsure. Myungsoo clapped his hands.

“I’ll buy this, manager-nim.” Myungsoo smiled at the manager and drew a card from his wallet.
“Okay, let me process the payment. Would you like pay in advanced or cash?”
Saehyun held her breath. “Kim Myungsoo, are you sure you want to buy this dress? It’s expensive. I don’t need this dress.” Saehyun tried to stop Myungsoo.
“Just this one is okay, Saehyun a. You need to loosen yourself a while.” Myungsoo patted Saehyun’s head softly.
“Manager nim, she will wear this dress for now. Please wrap her old clothes.” Myungsoo followed the manager to finish the payment.

All things were going too fast. No matter Saehyun whined at Myungsoo, he didn’t hear any of it. Saehyun didn’t like it when Myungsoo wasted his money on her. These clothes, salon treatment, she didn’t need it but Myungsoo insisted her. More like forced to do it.

After all things were done, Myungsoo drove the car to another place. That time was already 3 o’clock at afternoon.
“We are arrived, My Lady.” Myungsoo stopped his car.
“This is... Lotte Park.” Saehyun stared in awe at outside view. Yes that was amusement park.

“Let’s get down!” Myungsoo opened the door and help Saehyun to walk out the car.
“What are we doing at here? Don’t you say you want me to follow you somewhere that why you bought me this dress?” Saehyun confused.

“Don’t say that you want us to play here with this kind dress.”
“That’s what I planned.” Myungsoo smiled brightly at Saehyun’s confused expression. “Do you remember our dream when we were a child?”

Saehyun halted. Yes, she remembered it. Their little wishes when they were a child... When many children capable to enjoy whatever they want because they have parent and their parent are capable enough to give them, Myungsoo and Saehyun were alone at orphanage.
“That is...”
“That’s to come to this amusement park, right?” Myungsoo dragged Saehyun to follow him.

“Wah... finally, Lotte Park. We are coming to you!” Myungsoo let out a big shout once they entered the amusement park. Saehyun chuckled.
“Saehyun a, you must try it too. Shout with me!” Myungsoo nudged Saehyun’s arm.
“I won’t do it. It’s embarrassing.” Saehyun hid her face when she heard Myungsoo shouted once more.
“You really have no fun. Coward. It’s okay. Let’s have fun!” Myungsoo held onto Saehyun.

They went to many places and for them all of them are fun. They tried cute ear hair band like rabbit ear, Mickey-Minnie Mouse ear. They even tried couple hair band. They ate ice cream and many things else. Saehyun laughed to the fullest today.
“Park Saehyun, how can you eat like that while wearing that dress? It’s unladylike. You’re destroying your make up.” Myungsoo poke Saehyun’s cheek.
“I’m not!” Saehyun slapped Myungsoo’s hand away from her cheek.

“Let’s go! Try bumping car!” Myungsoo dragged Saehyun once more.
“Ya... ya...! Kim Myungsoo ssi, you are fighting against girl, how can you treat me this rude?!”
Saehyun whined when several times Myungsoo hit her car and she couldn’t have her revenge.
“Are you a girl?” Myungsoo laughed. Saehyun pouted and tried to hit Myungsoo’s car for revenge. But once again Myungsoo dodged it.

That day passed too fast for them.
“Ha... I’m tired.” Saehyun and Myungsoo sat at the side road. Saehyun let out her feet from the heels she wore. Her feet were hurt so badly.
“Is it hurt?” Myungsoo looked worried. He tried to check Saehyun’s feet.
“No, today is really fun. I don’t feel any pain.” Saehyun pulled back her feet and wore back her heels.

Myungsoo didn’t believe it. He knew it already. Those feet were already swollen.
Myungsoo turned and gave Saehyun his back. “Come on, I’ll piggyback you.” Saehyun smiled and went up Myungsoo’s back.

“Yobo, look at that cute couple. I want it!” Several couples were passing at them, whispered to their couple when they saw Myungsoo piggybacked Saehyun.
Saehyun smiled proudly when she heard those comments. This was her Myungsoo. No one but hers.

“So where’s our next destination?” Saehyun asked while hugging Myungsoo’s neck from back.
Myungsoo walked out of the park for a dinner. He drove the car to 63 Building and he brought Saehyun to the highest restaurant there.

“Myungsoo ya, are you serious you want to eat here?” Saehyun whispered from behind the menu she held. Myungsoo learned the menu without answering Saehyun’s question.
“Please give us best chef recommendation and red wine.” Myungsoo gave back the menu book.
Saehyun startled hearing the order. “Myungsoo...”
“What is it, Saehyun a?” He smiled.

Suddenly a group of violist came and played a song for them. Saehyun stared at Myungso not believing what he did.
Myungsoo smiled and winked his eyes. The wine was poured. Myungsoo held up his glass and make a toss with Saehyun’s glass. The foods were served.
Myungsoo smiled when he saw Saehyun enjoyed her food so much. If he knew it, he would do this thing sooner. Saehyun felt Myungsoo’s stared. She held up her face and looked at him.

“What else? You kept making me startled.” Saehyun whispered over the food she enjoyed.
Myungsoo pointed at the glass window beside their seat. Soon, various fireworks were flew to the sky beautifully. Saehyun held her breath in awe once again. Tears were formed at the edge of her eyes.

“Aigoo, uri crybaby. Where did you go so many tears’ stock today?” Myungsoo wiped Saehyun’s tears.
He didn’t use to Saehyun that cried alot. Saehyun was a tough girl behind her tiny appearance. He didn’t expect she would cry when he did something like this.

“This is all your fault. You made me cry. Why must you act this sweet today?” Saehyun talked between her sobs.
Myungsoo bended his body over their table and held Saehyun’s chin up to stare at him. He smiled sweetly to her.
“What kind ocassion we’re in?” Saehyun confused with all event Myungsoo tried to hold in for her.

Myungsoo sat back on his seat before answered Saehyun’s question.”Do you remember when I ask to move house?”
Saehyun nodded still in confuse.
“I have finished all the matter now.” Myungsoo
Saehyun stared blankly didn’t get what Myungsoo meant.

“This fool...” Myungsoo messed Saehyun’s hair. Her expression was too cute for Myungsoo to hold back. He chuckled when Saehyun slapped his hand strictly.
“I said let’s start a new life. I promise you didn’t need to move anymore. You can live in peace. Rearrange your life plan from starting back.”
Saehyun’s eyes widen. “Are.you.serious?”

Myungsoo nodded with a wide smile. Saehyun didn’t think twice, she quickly stood from her seat and ran to Myungsoo. She hugged Myungsoo tight.
“I love you, Kim Myungsoo. Please never leave me.” Saehyun’s word make Myungsoo was taken back.

Those three word that neither one of them said to other. Myungsoo couldn’t bring himself to replied what Saehyun’s wish.
Suddenly Myungsoo got frighten by the wish. How can he answer the wish? Myungsoo retrieved himself back and grabbed his cutlery.

“Let’s finished our meals. We still have one last place to visit.”
“Where is it?” Myungsoo didn’t answer but fed her with meals.

After the dinner was finished, Myungsoo drove his car again. But at their trip to the last destination, a police stopped the car.
Saehyun held her breath nervously and also Myungsoo. His heartbeats were rising. Why did this thing not get along until the end? Myungsoo reached out his gun secretly.

“Good evening, sir. Do you know that you’re over speed your car?”
“I don’t think so.” Myungsoo were sure he was driving not that fast.
“Can you step out from the car first?” Myungsoo held his breath. Is this police recognized him?

“I need to check your alcohol rate on breath.” Myungsoo reached the door knob and prepare his gun on the reachable place.
He followed the instruction and out the car. The police brought out a tools to check his alcohol rate.
“Breath into this thing slowly.”
“Fine. I don’t drink that much, I think.” Myungsoo talked to himself but he still did what he was told.

Saehyun waited inside the car in panic. She was afraid that Myungsoo was busted out. She kept her eyes on the situation.
“Your alcohol rate is fine. Can I check on your driving license?”
“What’s for? I’m not breaking any rules.” Myungsoo tried not to show his driving license.
“Do what I told or I jailed you immediately. You don’t want it just because of this thing, right?”

Myungsoo laughed mentally. He got many other reason to make him jailed. How can this make it worse?
“How about no? I don’t do anything wrong.” Myungsoo stared piercingly at the police.
“So I need to bring to the police station. You looks familiar and suspicious.”

“What? It’s not fair! How can we look suspicious while we are not doing anything? You cannot accused innocent person, sir!” Saehyun couldn’t sit calmly inside the car anymore while Myungsoo was checked.
She got down from the car. The police was startled by the sudden appearance.

“Get back into the car!” Myungsoo dragged Saehyun closer to him.
“Don’t move, or I will really jail you two. I think I know you.”
That was the trigger to Myungsoo’s patient to tick off. Myungsoo caught a glimpse of someone familiar around there.
Shit! They broke the promise.

He cursed at someone inside his mind. Myungsoo quickly dragged Saehyun into the car, but the police pulled his gun. The gun was pointed at Saehyun.
Quickly, Myungsoo held up his gun and shot at the police twice. Saehyun stared in shock at the event.

“Saehyun, get back in the car. Hurry up!” Myungsoo opened the door at his side.
Saehyun stood still on her place. Myungsoo shouted again. She quickly snapped her thought and ran to the car. Myungsoo drove the car fast out the Seoul City.
He cursed inside mind several times.

I must not believe them. 

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