New Drabble

11:22 PM

I have a new drabble for you. It’s tittled ‘Love in Vain’ featuring a mistmatch couple and no where seems to be couple like but I forced it to be because their character fit the story. Kkk. Yeahhh it’s Gyuri Kara and Seongyeol Infinite.
See? I don’t have any idea how these two persons can be couple maybe if it can be someday in future. That’s why I called them mismatched couple, no way in fanfic I ever read them in one fic. Kkk and even as couple.
By the way since I haven’t sleep for 48hours straightly from yesterday, I don’t have any strenght to type the story to my laptop today. Maybe tomorrow I’ll do it.
Oh God, I felt like I lead an idol live these two days. Kkkk. No sleep straight 2days. I haven’t closed my eyes for a while since yesterday I awoke.
Well Love in Vain featuring Gyuri and Seongyeol will be posted tomorrow. ^^

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2016 Reading Challenge

2016 Reading Challenge
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