[FF] Just Another Girl

8:59 AM

He ran through the dark silence road. He ran without thinking of stop. His mind filled by the last moment he just had.

“Sora ya.” He stared at the couple who making out in front of him, in the house that supposed to be his girlfriend’s.
The couple broke apart. The girl who he called as Sora looked shock at the person.
“Oh… Byunghunie.” The girl spelled out the person’s name who stared at her hatefully.
“L.Joe.” The guy with her called his other name. No scared feeling was showed on their face.

Once again this was happened. He could not tolerate it anymore. L.joe marched toward the girl and grabbed her arm.
“Aren’t you supposed to be my girl?” L.Joe’s voice was harsh and rude.
No usual angel liked was traced on his expression. There’s no more smiling eye L.Joe liked the usual anyone would see. It was Byunghun now.
“Tell me, whose girl are you; me or this bastard?”
”It’s hurt, Byunghun a.” The girl cried as his grab was tightened.
“Hey, careful with what you say, Byunghun. I’m still older than you.” The other guy’s comment made him got a pierce stare from L.Joe.
“Older whatever. Older doesn’t mean you are more mature. Do you think kissing other’s girl is cool, Bang Minsoo?” L.Joe hissed. He grabbed the older guy by collar.

He hated to share anything and that also meant for his girl. But this guy in front thought as a brother and close friend they are, they had to share whatever; clothes, things, and even now girl.
“Byunghun a, don’t be that scary. This is nothing serious. We’re just playing around. I’m still yours.” The girl tried to separate both guy but L.Joe shoved her off.
“I’m also not finished yet with you, Bi**h! Stay there quietly!” This L.Joe’s tone was never heard by anyone of them before. This time they knew it, L.Joe was serious.

The girl started to feel scared. Her body was trembling looking at the horrible L.Joe she never saw in front her. L.Joe was starting to punch the older guy he grabbed after several word exchanged between them. She tried to separate them but she couldn’t do it

“Stop it, Byunghun. Stop it! Don’t hit him anymore!” Sora’s cried was mixed by the guys yelled at each other. “Minsoo oppa, don’t fight anymore! Please stop!”
Sora was hopeless to stop both guys’ fight. Her strength was nothing compare to them. She ran toward kitchen and grabbed a knife.

“STOP IT! Or I’ll kill myself right now!” Sora put the knife near her wrist pulse. Both guys stopped fighting and looked at her.
“Sora ya, put that knife down, please. Don’t be fool for doing something like that.” Both guys were in panic mode. They tried approached the girl slowly.
“Don’t come here! I’m warning you.” Sora pointed the knife to them.
“What are you thinking by doing something like this? This is stupid, Jang Sora.” L.Joe hissed.
Both of guys tried to speak something to hold on her. Both had different idea to persuade her. Minsoo spook on softer tone while L.Joe spook with harsh and logical sentences. After all L.Joe still was angry at her. How could she do something like this while he was the one who supposed to be angry here? He was the one who being cheated behind.

“I’m really tired, Byunghun. This relationship won’t do. You’re just hopeless to me. I’m tired of you. You never touched me at all.” The girl started to tear.
L.Joe shocked at his girlfriend. “Is it just all about this? I never touched you?”
“Am I really not that appealing to you?” Sore sobbed. “I felt like you never really want me. That’s why I came to Minsoo oppa. He treated me the way I want.”
“Are you really that desperate to be touched, huh?” L.Joe started to feel disgust.
“It’s not that what I meant. See? You never understand what I say.”
“Then say it the way I can understand. Don’t speak riddle with me.”
“Fine, let’s just break up! This relationship won’t do.”
L.Joe lost his words. He never thought those words would come from Sora who always came back to him even when he said break.
“I prefer to be with Minsoo oppa than you.”
“So that’s what your real wish?” However L.Joe started to hate the word ‘oppa’ that used for Minsoo while him was just a Byunghun.

“No…” The girl whispered weakly with a low head.
L.Joe’s anger piled up. “If you kept changing what you want, how can I understand? Fine, just stay with your Minsoo oppa as much as you want. I quitted, after all I’m just a Byunghun.”
L.Joe walked to front door and smashed the door closed after he came out. He didn’t know why just only now he felt jealous over ‘oppa’ words that always attached behind Minsoo’s name. What he knew only his heart hurt so much.

L.Joe stopped running. He held on his knees and looked at the road he already passed. He breathed roughly and coughed several times. It felt like he was dying. His heart was shattered into thousand pieces.
He was always being possessive over his things. He didn’t like to share. He could only tolerate three times for that. After all, this time things happened because of his conservative act.
Yes, L.Joe was the persistent one. Once he thought it, he would do only like that. He always believed that someday he could find out his destined love, just like how he thought.
Once he was sworn to himself that he would marry the girl once he dated. He would just date once. He planned to have a couple tattoos for their remembrance. Until he was sure she was the one, he would not do it or even lead their relationship into something next level than now.
He was about to ask her about those tonight, but the entire plan was completely ruined now.

“Arrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhh!!!” L.Joe let out his burden.
He couldn’t cry, no tears was formed even his heart already hurt so badly. All he could do only scream his lunges out.
Slowly L.Joe kneeled on the road he stepped and lied there. He tried to gather back his heart inside while staring at the night sky. He closed his eyes for a while.

Maybe she is not the one. She is just another girl. She is not a broken heart for you, Lee Byunghun. Get up; get back to your right mind.


*Hides behind Niel...*

Angel Mianhae~ I made C.A.P into bad guy kekeke.

Another drabble. But I'm not really sure if this is drabble. kkkk It more looks like one shot. And I don't know if the feel of the song can be catch or not. suddenly when I typed the story I lost all my feeling before. -__-''

and I tell you, this story somehow become psycho before. haha. But gladly it's not in the end. I was shocked, how come I write Jaejoong's song into psycho story. kkkkk... it's not supposed to be like that.

Anyway I love this song lately.

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