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Actually when I wrote Draft 1, I dunno why I could cry over Myungsoo character's death while after much revision and story upgrade, I don't even cry a bit on this story. Maybe my revision slowly turn to other way from the original idea. Hmh...

And actually the first draft character weren't named as Myungsoo dan Saehyun; it's Doojoon & Jimin and the draft 1 is much shorter, only 30 pages I thought. I forgot, I wrote the story 2.5 years ago. haha.

I love Doojoon's character so much there actually, and the conflict behind. It just made me sad when I saw injustice for poor or orphan child like what happen to Doojoon and Jimin.
There're many thing that want to be told by Doojoon's character. He is a bad character, a criminal.

Let's look the other way, don't you think Doojoon's, I mean Myungsoo's character is kind of an irony in society?

He didn't want to be a criminal if he had a chance to be better.
If you place your self in Myungsoo's place, how will you feel?
If it's me, I feel so vulnerable actually. World just felt like opposing me, I just want to be happy. No one didn't want to be happy, right?
It is just their way to choose how to get it are different.

Actually this story was inspired by a short story on book that I ever read. It's a self improvement book actually, not a novel. It's about a criminal named Crowley.
The Myungsoo's character that think he didn't do anything wrong is real. There are many people like that. Not only a criminal, even us usually thought what we do was right.

I don't say that I support a criminal if they have a sad background or even when they have a sweet lover like Jimin. Crime always a crime, no matter what is the reason for me.
Someone who review this story once ever said this thing to me.

This story would be better if I choose to tell the story on Saehyun's side. How she fell in love with a criminal, what the risk and so on, *something around that idea, I have forgotten what she actually said. It's been a long time ago* instead of tell about how Myungsoo kept breaking his promise to Saehyun.

Well I can say the suggestion actually really tempting me to make the revision, but I dunno why I'm still choosing Myungsoo's over Saehyun. hahaha.

Maybe I'm still not over Doojoon's character that made me cry when he died when I did this story editing. I just in love with Doojoon's character there in draft 1, even the draft 1 is really mess *you know, grammar again. ahahaha*

FYI, the draft 1 is written within 3 days, that's the first since a long time ago I wrote a story that fast. I even wrote it when I was in campus, in the middle of class rest.

Draft 1 is the closest similiarity with the original inspiration story, I think. It's the first time I was pouring my feeling over the issued when I read the story and book.

Well, no one like to be accused wrong, right? No one feel they are wrong, they are just having a different way to think only.

Of course I put many dramatic addition from the original story. I don't know if the original story is involving about orphan child, injustice childhood and so on. Kekeke.

Anyway, if you want to know the original story I'll give you snap shot of the pages I read.
and.... if anyone want to read the first draft of [Un]Broken Promise, kekeke... actually it's titled A Weary Heart, originally based on Crowley's letter.
Dibalik pakaian saya ada sebuah hati yang letih, tetapi sebuah hati yang baik - yang tidak tega melukai siapapun. - Crowley
It's written with blood. haha.
Don't mind it. I'm just not in right mind now.
You can say that I'm over reacting or over sensitive *well this one is not right actually, I'm usually never a sensitive person, even my lecturer said I don't have heart, ignorant and so on. kekeke*
Last word,
enjoy the snapshot and maybe the first draft. Haha...

Original book's snapshot. *It's in Indonesian, if you don't mind*

Finished to post on Feb 20th 2014

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