It's been a very long time

2:05 PM

I don’t what the hell I’m doing. It’s been a long time to not tumblr-ing.

By the way, it’s PICTURE LOCK finally. Thanks GOD. Well it hasn’t actually. But I’m at Final Draft of DUA. It just need a bit rearrangment and then piclock. Yeyyeyeyeyeyeye. *dance*
By the way I can’t help not to love Coffee shop - BAP. Kekekeke. Even if I don’t like it but I still love to hear it. It’s kinda difficult situation for me to choose whether I like it or not. *and wth I’m talking about now*


Okay I reeeeeeeeeallllly love the MV, Daehyun, Zelo, Himchan there. The color is gentle. I Love it. But abang, i dunno wth you’re doing with sunglass. I dun really like when you’re wearing sunglass. I can’t see your eyes. ^^

And about the cutting point in the MV, it’s okay even I dun really like it. The rhythm is a bit off from the song. Editor of Coffee shop MV -nim you can edit the MV gentler, I know you can do it. The cutting almost don’t give gentle feeling like the song. But the mv color much help it. The color is really gentle. Love it.

Sorry I just don’t know wth I’m talking about.

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2016 Reading Challenge
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