He is Saying Hello to the World!

9:21 PM

Right now, I'm doing online from my newest baby... Yey!

He is saying 'hello' to all of you!

Finally after months after months  that I have spent for wondering whether it's good for me to buy another laptop meanwhile I got two others that still functioning quite good (if annoyingly slow is something that you can tolerate), I decided it in a flash! Woohoo! I'm such an impulsive person. Yeah! I made decision very quickly. Once I saw a quite good Macbook Pro that suited my taste and need, then snap! Before I realised the laptop is already shipped to my house. Shot! I should stop being this impulsive. Damn! 

Thing that I cannot restrained my self from buying is only book, but it seemed that lately I got so much of being impulsive. Start from suddenly decided to run away to Banding just to chill out for a while (which didn't help much. Bandung at weekend is suck! Hate its traffic jam, it was worse than Jakarta.) Then. yesterday to purchase a laptop and today to purchase a make up kit. Ugh... I should stop spending money from now before I got bankrupt. 

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2016 Reading Challenge

2016 Reading Challenge
Deasy has read 2 books toward her goal of 30 books.