[FF] Nothing Like Us

8:47 AM

Title: Nothing Like Us
Rate: PG 17+
Genre: Angst, Slice of Life, Slight Romance, OOC, dark
Cast: Namjoon, OC

Warning: Contain mature content and cohabitation. Please remember your age and do not read if you are under age. And for a note, mature content doesn’t always mean sexual intercourse.
Oh be careful… If you are not a fan of depressing tone story, this isn’t a story for you. And it’s really dark and confusing.

“Are you sure about doing this, Namjoon?”
“We have talked about it so many times.”
“I know. It’s just….”
“It is just better burn than to disappear.”

Late night talk. A can of beer on the rooftop of our rented place. Sitting side by side. Watching the moon and invisible stars in the night sky, accompanied small snacks to share. That is something we always do.

Namjoon was laying his back on the divan meanwhile I was sitting on his side, hugging my knees and sipping my beer. We were getting drunk and forget.

There was no turning back for the plan.

The day after the night was the D-day for us. For what? For something that we would never turn back to live life like before. Not a wedding ceremony. Not that. Namjoon and I are everything. We are a best friend, we are a lover, we are a partner in crime, but we are never a husband and wife. It will never be. Neither of us believes of bond in marriage.

In a sudden, after sipping my beer and got lost in thought, I chuckled softly.

“Sooner or longer we could get each other killed,” said I while putting my head and hand on Namjoon’s chest. Like in auto mode he moved his arm under my body. His thumb made a circular movement on my waist. We fell into silence for a while. And that moment of silence was one of things that could make me feeling ease. But not forget.

Namjoon chuckled too, somewhat bitterly. “People like us shouldn’t mean for together. We are too broken for good.”

We had a mutual understanding about things.

I pulled up my body for a bit and get down once again to put a kiss on the brunette hair guy’s lips. Slowly but sure our lips were moving like that for a moment. Time seemed also getting slow down for that moment. We were getting drown. Drown into life.

For a moment, it was only us.
Two of us.

I wasn’t crying. There was no tears were allowed to fall into my cheek. I didn’t care if I felt numb. I pulled Namjoon’s face closer to mine, rolling over, and kissed deeper.

I don’t care any longer.

People said bird of a feather flocks together. Wounded sprit, broken people stay together.

This is a game we used to play together. We played rock paper scissor game while walking along the pedestrian and the loser got flicked on his/her forehead. Tricks were different each time but most of time it was me who lose and got finger flicked from Namjoon. He never flicked too hard but I would act like it hurt as hell, then Namjoon would feel sorry for me. Then when he realized I was acting out by my laugh after he tried to check my forehead out, he would flick me once again.  Then we would play ‘catch me’ with me chasing after Namjoon to get revenge.

We laughed.
That was a common event but for us that was one of our happiest moments.
We laughed a lot.

“Namjoon a~ come on.” I was giggling while dragging Namjoon walking along me.

In my other hand there was pink mint cotton candy meanwhile in his there was a cup of Americano. Namjoon loved coffee so much. He couldn’t stand a day without it.
“Coffee and sweet cotton candy don’t match with each other, you know.”
“So do us. But we stay together.”
“Should I kill myself, or have a sip of coffee?”

I laughed on his reply. And so on with Namjoon.
Stupid Namjoon.

We walked again. Namjoon was just walking along of my dragging without intention of go to other way. He took a sip of his coffee and refused my offer for cotton candy. He hated sweets. The only sweet thing that he could stand was me. Or not… Well, at least for now he stayed with me.

Okay, pardon me for this narcissistic statement but I am. I am sweet like a cotton candy. That’s what those people on the bar said to me each times they got drunk and started talking nonsense.

“Hey, let’s hang out with me till late at night
Let’s drink with me
Once you and I get drunk
So when we feel tipsy, let’s walk
Once you and I get tired
So when we lie down, Let’s sleep
Close your eyes and let’s kiss.”

I grabbed the microphone tightly while putting a pleasant face and singing. I knew I might look drunk and in high. Small fact, I did drunk but not too much. My mind was still crystal clear. Working this profession always required me to drink a large number of alcohol. That was why I could handle my alcohol well even though I wished I couldn’t. Sometimes it probably much easier if I could be drunk, I could forget. I wished I could.

While occasionally swiped up my long blue grey ombre hair away from my face, I swayed side to side, occasionally closing my eyes in order to drown to the music.

I’m trying.
Trying hard.
To conceal.

Lady Escort. In a karaoke bar.

That was how to describe what I was doing for living.
I sang.
I danced.
I entertained people who ask for my companion.
I laughed with them.
I pretended to be happy with them.
But people seemed have misunderstanding with my profession. Those stupid people somewhat thought an escort and prostitute were the same job. Just because they could pay my companion, they thought they could pay my body to pleasure them.

“Sweet, stop singing those sappy songs. Sang us some sexy song, show some sexy dance, show us your sexy body.”

One of those drunken men yelled at me from his seat while palming some other escort’s thigh. The escort only giggled and let the man touched her the way he wanted. She even invited him to do her more.
Well, for some of us, there were those kind escorts whom also available for that. That was her choice, not mine.

I changed the song by the request, some sexy song that was what they wanted. I gave it.

“Where is the beer refill? Why is this bar’s service really sucks?!” Another man shouted while flipping an empty bottle upside down.
Another man performed a show for the escort girls’ compliment. Trying to catch some nuts from the air. Yeah, he was nuts.
And that was a usual view of the night.

“Sweet, Dance! Dance with me.”

In sudden some man grabbed my waist to his hips. He breathed too close to my neck. I was startled but had no choice but to do his request. I put my arms around his neck. And pretend to be cheerful and sexy at the same time.
As the song went by, the way he grinded to my bottom made me extremely uncomfortable. That old sag.
I tried to put some space from him but he kept coming to me.

“Yeonwoo ssi, please don’t act like this.”
“Just say that you enjoy my touch and you want more.”
“I don’t. I’m not that kind escort. Please.”
“Escorts are all the same. I paid you. You want more? Just name your price and let me take you for good tonight.”

The song he requested me to sing was long forgotten already. The situation turned into him trying to get me pleasure him.

“I SAID LEAVE ME ALONE!” I lost my patient, so I pushed the man hard until he fell to the floor.

The room suddenly got silence and the door was opened. Namjoon was standing there. He brought some beers and more snack to the room and about to serve them.

I panted heavily after the push. Still in shock, I couldn’t proceed that what I was just doing could earn me hard night. I only thought how to save my self from this hell.

My eyes hit Namjoon’s; I got an urge to fly out from the room. I run out of the room.

Once I got inside the house I run to bathroom. I vomited out all kind things I swallowed that night. Crunching in front of toilet bowl and looking all messy. My red lipstick had smeared on my check due to my harsh rub. I didn’t stop my doing.

My left cheek was throbbing. Probably it was also red and had some mark. It was an usual.
”Do you think you have some dignity to keep? Remember, you are only an escort. Nothing more. Don’t act like you are higher than it. If those men asked for your body, you should give it to them. That is your job. Be glad. At least there is someone wanted to pay for your crappy service.”

I threw up once again then I got no more energy to do anything else than sitting on the bathroom floor after I’m done with the act. My eyes drifted to the door. Namjoon was there, standing on the doorframe watching me out. When he saw me finished he walked in and went to me. I spread out arms to hug him.

No. I’m not crying for this crappy life. I didn’t have chance to choose.

“Do you want to take a warm bath?”

No need for more words. Namjoon always knew me the best.
To end the night, we would finish it by taking a warm bath to console our wounded spirit.

What kind person Namjoon was?
For first, he was a waiter. Yes, on the same place where I was working. You saw him already there.
He was a waiter and I was an escort. Pathetic combination, right?

“Why did you do that?”

A detective shouted at front of my face since he already lost his patience over my silence. Namjoon told me before not to say anything and let him handle all.

“Why. did. you. kill. him?” the detective asked once again while slapping my file folder to the table following the rhythm of his words each. “Okay, you want to do this, right? You want to keep your silence?”

I still kept my mouth shut and staring blankly to the table.

“This couple really drive me crazy. One is mute. The other one is insane. What? He did it because of the sun was too hot and he got disoriented.”
The detective stomped out his way to the door while grumbling.

Me? When I heard what kind excuse Namjoon said to the detective, I started laughing hard. Non-stop. Hysterically.

“Maybe we really need to call psychiatrist to run some test on them.”

The detective who interrogated me hasn’t left when I laughed. And now he left after staring in wonder at me who was laughing like maniac. Seemed like without reason. But I have, only that detective didn’t know it.

Fuck that, Kim Namjoon.
Fuck you, Smartass.
Fuck you, you and your classical reference.

How to describe Namjoon:
He is smart guy.
He reads a lot of book. Classical one.
His favorite is Albert Camus.
I don’t know who is that.
He also lived life like a loser.
He is bizarre.
But I love him.

Screaming was everywhere. Everyone tried to save his/her selves by hiding behind sofa or under the table. The bar was in frenzy state. Two people in all black clothes, wearing a mask to cover their face, were pointing pistol on the crowd. Threaten them. Glasses were broken by some shot of gun. It was done for frightening them. To make them thought they would really got shot if they moved.

“Put the money on this bag! Hurry up or I’ll shoot you!”
“No… no you don’t try funny thing. I really will shoot you if you don’t do what I say.”

One of the robbers gave instructions. They were gathering the money from illegal transaction that was happened in the bar.

They were us.
We planned of this.
Today is our d-day.

Namjoon has kept track on the transaction day, time, and place. He checked on how things happened and planned them out. I was extracting information from those old sags.

That was Namjoon and I VS the world.
That was enough.

“You won’t go anywhere with my money!”

While we were running out with the money, the money owner which also the bar manager and also my tormentor ran after us. The sun shone so bright. Of course it was the hottest day of summer that year. Hot enough to make someone got dizzy after standing in the open space for several minutes.

We arrived near our car. I turned my body to our chaser. Without thinking twice, I loaded the gun and fired. Four times. That was me being considerate.

“What are you doing?!” Namjoon jerked me back.

I lost my orientation. He seized my pistol and grabbed my shoulder. He tried to say something to me but I could hear him. Everything was in blur. I didn’t know what happened on me. Before I realized I was sitting in the car back seat while Namjoon drove fast out of the city. Out of this crazy mess. I curled up and hugged my knees. My body was trembling so hard.

The car smell like raw acrid air, heavy and festering scent, like a slaughterhouse. Yes, someone was just slaughtered. I was the one who did it.

What am I doing?

After a while, Namjoon pulled over the car, he stepped out of it and went to back seat.
To hug me.
I cried hard.

“It’s okay. It’s okay.”
Namjoon whispered to my ear repeatedly while rubbed my back. I was still crying.

“Namjoon a, if we are not what we are right now, what we will be? Do you think.” I asked while staring at the night sky. Propping my body with two arms on the divan.

Namjoon was silent, sitting beside me and doing the same thing like mine.
”A breathing creature?” After the silence Namjoon answered it.

I chuckled at the answer.

The night air smelled like mixed of petrichor, with alcohol we drank, and Namjoon’s body smell. He had a nice smell although we were using the same soap and shampoo. I liked it so much.
It smelled like serene.
The divan was kind damp from the rain before. The night sky was clear. The night was old.

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